PEPPERELL -- Cumberland Farms kicked off a four-week partnership with Pepperell Aid from Community to Home's food pantry last week to celebrate an upgrade of the company's Main Street store.

From Sept. 18 through Oct. 16, a portion of Cumberland Farms drink sales will go to PACH Outreach, with the goal of raising at least $1,000 to put toward buying food to distribute to Pepperell residents in need.

PACH office manager Joan Ux said the partnership with Cumberland Farms started last year, when PACH approached the store about providing milk vouchers for PACH clients. Cumberland Farms obliged, and recently filled a new request for more vouchers.

When Cumberland Farms upgraded its Main Street store in June, adding more food options, they contacted PACH about partnering again to celebrate the new grand-opening.

"We try with the food drives to partner with schools, daycares, anything in town that would partner with us, we'd be very glad to do. It's the only way we can keep going," Ux said.

The Main Street Cumberland Farms store will be contributing 20 cents for every coffee, tea, fountain soda and Chill Zone frozen beverage sold during the four-week period.

They will be keeping track of the money donated each week via a display board at the Cumberland Farms.


Cumberland Farms spokesman Matt Balaschi said that whenever Cumberland Farms opens a new store or upgrades an existing one, it tries to choose a local organization to raise money for as part of its grand-opening ceremony.

PACH, Balaschi said, was a natural fit due to its history of helping the Pepperell community.

"It's just such a great cause. It's been with the community for a long time, and it's for the kids. We always try to do things for the kids whenever we can," Balaschi said.

Other Cumberland Farms stores in the area have raised as much as $3,500 during similar events, and have given tens of thousands of dollars to various causes so far this year.

"The community around our store are the people who are going to come in and help our store succeed, so we want to give back as much as possible," said Balaschi.