TOWNSEND -- The giant tooth sign marking Dr. Rosebush's dental office has been a fixture of Townsend's Main Street for decades. Though the sign may be old, the practice just welcomed a new face.

In July, Dr. Ramya Suresh, DMD, joined Dr. Chris Poulos, DMD, as a full-time dentist at 162 Main St.

Since opening in Townsend in 1979, Dr. Rosebush's practice has sought to provide flexible, affordable care for local families.

But although the practice is decades old, the technology is not, Suresh said.

"Everything's completely state-of-the-art. We have digital X-rays, iPads. It's comparable to any new practice," Suresh said.

Since joining the practice this summer, she has felt right at home. "Everybody is so nice. There's a lot of teamwork," she said.

Suresh specializes in oral surgery, while Poulos's focus is on root canals. Together, they make a diverse team to meet the needs of the community.

"Everyone has their fields that they specialize in," said office manager Elaine Ganong. "We have a really well-rounded staff."

Hygienist Claire Dunbar has been with the practice since it opened, and she said the staff's penchant for making people comfortable has been a major contributor to its success over the years.

"Longevity has been a major part of it. We've always kept up with technology, and people feel comfortable here." Dunbar added, "We make sure that kids have a good experience.



Ganong said that understanding a family's needs helps set them apart from other practices.

"We don't push treatment. We know that right now, especially with the economy the way it is, money is limited for a lot of people. People need to divide it up and do what's critical first," she said.

"It's a family practice, so we try hard to be as flexible as we can. We still offer payment plans, we don't charge for missed appointments. We know that families have it tough these days," she said.

The staff includes 13 people in all. Although Rosebush no longer works full-time, Ganong said his influence is still felt in the office dynamic, which she describes as a family.

"We try to make it so everyone has a say. It's a team practice. Because if you have to go to work everyday, you have to love it," Ganong said.

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