Route #1

First Stop Approx. 6:33 A.M.

Groton St. at Jackson St.

76, 86 Pleasant St.

Pleasant St. at Jackson St.

24 Pearl St.

Pearl St. at Groton St.

Park St. at Kleenit

75 Park St.

Groton School Rd. at Trailer Park Entrance

Groton School Rd. at Gardner Lane

Groton School Rd. at John Riley Rd.

Groton School Rd. at Pheasant Lane

Groton School Rd. at 82

Rosewood at 3

Vernon St. at 13

Vernon St. at Jonathan Dr.

12 Jonathan Dr.

Doug Rd. at Victor Dr.

15 Mark St.

18, 8 Rosewood Ave.

Groton Shirley Rd. at 41, 47

104 Groton School Rd.

Groton Harvard Rd. at Madigan Way

Route #2

First Stop Approx. 6:35 A.M.

Loon Hill Rd. at Rose Lane

NEMCO Way at Wagon Wheel

Mulberry Circle at 47, 38

Mulberry Circle at Hibiscus Lane

Mulberry Circle at 18, 15

Westford Rd. at 30, 18

Sandy Pond Rd. at 128, 118,

Sandy Pond Rd. at Cannongate Crosswalk

Route #3

First Stop at 6:50 A.M.

87, 137 West Main St.

West Main St. at Dan's Place

West Main St. at Woo Jung / Sculley Rd.

West Main St. at Parthenon Pizza

East Main St. at Ayer Courthouse

East Main St. at Pauline's Variety

East Main St. at Pine St.

East Main St. at East

100 East Main St.

Washington St. at Federated Church

Route #4

First Stop at 6:50 A.



Markham Circle at 25, 3B

Willard St. at 178, 151

Willard St. at Atherton St.

Willard St. at Myrick St. (top)

Willard St. at Grosvenor (each end)

Willard St. at Myrick St. (bottom)

Old Town Village Apartments

Groton Harvard Rd. at 30, 50

Washington St. at Moore Dr.

Route #5

First Stop at 6:40 A.M.

Littleton Rd. at Hatch St.

Littleton Rd. at 55 (Nashoba Condos)

Snake Hill Rd. at 91

Snake Hill Rd. at Fox Run

Old Farm Way at Deer Run

Robbins Rd. at 3

Robbins Rd. at Pingry

12 Pingry Way

Pingry Way at Bennetts Crossing

Littleton Lyne Apartments

192 Littleton Rd.

Willow Rd. at 62

Willow Rd. at The Willows

Route #6

First Stop at 6:45 A.M.

119, 142 Oakridge Dr.

Oakridge Rd. at Western Ave.

Calvin St. at Blueberry Circle

Snake Hill Rd. at Wright Rd.

Sandy Pond Rd. at 48

Sandy Pond Rd. at 160

Central Ave. at Eagles Nest

Central Ave. at Groveland

Central Ave. at Oakgrove

Central Ave at Adams

Washington St. at Highland St.



Route #1

Ayer Shirley Middle

First Stop Approx. 6:30 A.M.

81 Great Rd.

Little Horse Pond Rd. at Catherine's Way

52 Horse Pond Rd.

46B, 77 Lawton Rd.

Moore Dr. at Lawton Rd.

42 Groton Rd.

Garrison Rd. at Groton Rd.

135, 130 Groton Rd.

Groton Rd. at Mulpus Rd.

291C, 263, 257, 255 Great Rd.

68B, 56, 32, 30, 10 Parker Rd.

8, 9 Brown Rd.

35, 59, 85 Hazen Rd.

Hazen Rd. at Robertson Rd.

Hazen Rd. at Amanda Lane

at Walker Rd.

100, 96, 84 Walker Rd.

30, 35, 54, 74 Patterson Rd.

103, 97, 88, 86 Clark Rd.

Morgan Rd. at Clark Rd.

August Lane at Clark

56 Clark Rd.

Myles Lane at Clark Rd.

170 Old Ayer Rd.

2 Acorn Rd.

Route #2

Ayer Shirley Regional High School

First Stop Approx. 6:15 A.M.

113, 114, 173 Great Rd.

Bull Run (corner of Longley)

11 Longley Rd.

22 Groton Rd.

Crabtree Rd. at Squannacook Rd.

44 Squannacook Rd.

Squannacook Rd at Strawberry Lane

122, 167 Squannacook Rd.

Pumkin Brook at Townsend Rd.

125 Townsend Rd.

68, 46 Parker Rd.

Parker Rd. at Little Turnpike Rd.

38, 77 Whitney Rd.

125, 121, 120 104, 96 Benjamin Rd.

Benjamin Rd. at Hill Lane

51, 31 Benjamin Rd.

Davis Rd. at Center Rd.

Route #3

Ayer Shirley Middle

First Stop at 6:20 A.M.

113, 154, 165 Great Rd.

Bull Run (corner of Longley)

9, 11, 54, 70 Longley Rd. 

Crabtree Rd. at Squannacook Rd.

34, 63 Squannacook Rd.

Brattle Dr. at Squannacook Rd.

Caleb Rd. at Squannacook Rd.

108B, 114 Squannacook Rd...

3 Pumpkin Brook Rd.

125, 119, 58 Townsend Rd.

Little Turnpike Rd at Andrea Tr.

36 Little Turnpike Rd.

177, 92 Center Rd.

Davis Rd. at Center Rd.

5 Davis Rd.

20 Ayer Rd.

4, 34, 51, Benjamin Rd.

Hill Rd. at Benjamin Rd.

86, 94, 104, 119, 120, 121, 123 Benjamin Rd.

Munson Rd. at Center Rd.

Route #4

Ayer Shirley Regional High School

First Stop at 6:20A.M.

Mt. Henry Rd. at Catecunemaug Rd.

Wheeler Rd. at Catecunemaug Rd.

Lantern Rd. at Catecunemaug Rd.

Leominster Rd. at Morin

5 Lancaster Rd.

Lancaster Rd. at South St.

79 Lancaster Rd.

Valley View at Deer Ave.

Lancaster Rd. at Royal Blvd.

Lancaster Rd. at Church

42 Harvard Rd.

51 Shaker Rd...

Shaker Rd. at Nashua St.

Shaker Rd. at Rodman

45 Fredonian

Front St. at Church St.

Chapel St. at Porter St

Chapel St. at Washington St.

Phoenix St. at Chapel St.

Front St. at Phoenix St.

87 Front St.

Route #5

Ayer Shirley Middle

First Stop at 6:30 A.M.

Mt. Henry Rd. at Catecunemaug Rd.

Catecunemaug Rd. at Cottage

27 Catecunemaug Rd.

Brook Trail at Carriage Lane

at Lantern Way

Lakeview Rd. at Catecunemaug Rd.

Morin St. at Leominster Rd.

14 Leominster Rd.

9, 11, 12 Lancaster Rd.

South St. at Lancaster Rd.

at Devarney St.

83 Lancaster Rd.

Valley View Rd. at Brook

1 Windsor

Brandywine Rd. at Windsor

16, 12 Windsor

School St. at Lancaster Rd.

2, 6 Harvard Rd.

55, 51 Shaker Rd.

Shaker Rd. at Nashua St.

15 Shaker Rd.

Rodman Rd. at Shaker Rd.

45 Fredonain St.

Fredonian St. at Mill St.

19 Main St.

12 Chapel St.

Porter St. at Chapel St.

Phoenix St. at Chapel St.

71 Front St.

Route #6

Ayer-Shirley Regional High School

First Stop at 6:15 A.M.

Great Rd. at Lawton Rd.

62, 64A Lawton St.

Moore Rd. at Lawton St.

Groton Rd. at Garrison Rd.

135 Groton Rd.

240 Great Rd.

146, 96, Walker Rd.

29, 21 Peobody Rd.

Peobody Rd. at Clark Rd.

56 Clark Rd.

Clark Rd. at Morgan Lane

87, 103 Clark Rd.

54, 35, 30 Patterson Rd.

Acorn Condos

(This list is published as it was received.)