TOWNSEND -- Townsend Summer Recreation is drawing to a close after a season full of activities for about 200 children.

Summer Rec, which wrapped up on Friday, Aug. 9, featured a wide variety of activities, from photography to recycling to a mini Olympics.

Townsend Recreation Director Emy Hoff said that overall, the summer went really well.

"We tried out a bunch of new things, kept a lot of really great classics in place and added some twists that were well received by both children and parents. It's been an exciting and very, very busy summer," she said.

Hoff said the program included three new classes this year, which she hopes to make into staples of Summer Rec.

"We knew going in we wanted to add structured classes and activities to the normal sports and activities and arts and crafts that we do," Hoff said.

New additions included a chorus class, a science lab and a course where students could take apart computers to learn how they work.

"Those three classes were really exciting for us, to put in some sort of added value of play with learning," she said.

In addition, Summer Rec featured old favorites such as theme days. A medieval majesty day, complete with jousting and foam swords, was particularly popular, said Hoff.

Students created no-sew blankets by tying together T-shirts. The blankets will be donated to a Boston-based charity that provides blankets to homeless people during the winter.


"We hoped the kids would learn a little about play with giving," Hoff said.

Eighteen counselors helped Hoff run the summer programs. Since parents could purchase five-day passes for their children instead of registering for the whole summer, some children were not there every day, and the number of students present on any given day could vary greatly.

The counselors were chosen based partly on their skill set. Hoff said they worked hard to find counselors whose interests and talents meshed with the activities they were planning to offer.

"We were looking for very specific talents and traits so we could bring fun and learning together, utilizing counselors' personal passions. If counselors are doing something they love and are good at it, they bring more to the kids and to the programs," Hoff said.

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