TOWNSEND -- Townsend residents voted to elect republican Gabriel Gomez in Tuesday's special Senate election.

Gomez received 66 percent of the votes from Townsend's three precincts, while democrat Ed Markey garnered 33.7 percent.

Twelve Visions Party candidate Richard Heos received less than one-quarter of a percent of the vote.

Voter turnout was about 28 percent, with 1,759 votes cast out of a total 6,283 registered voters.

Townsend residents have supported republican candidates in the last two Senate elections in 2010 and 2012.

At Memorial Hall Tuesday afternoon, voters trickled in steadily, many to vote for Gomez.

Markey's long tenure in Congress was a reason many voters gave for supporting Gomez.

"I think Markey's got to go. He's been in long enough and it's important to get a little change in politics. A republican would mix things up," said construction worker Brian Callahan.

Charlie Rizzo, a supply manager, said he doesn't believe Markey has been effective in the U.S. Congress.

"I haven't seen anything from Markey. He's spent more time in this state in the last six months than in the last 37 years," Rizzo said.

X-ray technician Deirdre Goad said she voted because she is looking for a change.

"I'm tired of the same old stuff. Fresh faces and new ideas are needed," Goad said.

But for Gloria Moulaison, 74, Markey's experience is an asset rather than a fault.


"I thought turnout might be low and I wanted to get out to vote for Markey. Markey was from my generation. And I think 37 years in Congress counts for something," Moulaison said.

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