PEPPERELL -- The newly renovated History Room in the Lawrence Library was dedicated in a ceremony last Saturday to Jeanne Richardson-Palmer, a volunteer and former employee who oversaw the renovation of the room this spring.

Richardson-Palmer has worked with the library for 36 years. After retiring in 2002, she stayed on as a volunteer and began working in the History Room because of an interest in history and genealogy.

Richardson-Palmer, along with library employee Franek Kiluk, redesigned and renovated the space this spring to make the room more appealing to library patrons. She also staffs the room so that visitors can use it.

"It was a surprise, so I had no idea that the ceremony was for me. I never expected it. I was just really overwhelmed, but happily so," Richardson-Palmer said.

In a proclamation read by Selectman Stephen Themelis, the Board of Selectmen honored Richardson-Palmer's service to the Lawrence Library and the town of Pepperell.

"Thanks to her hard work, the History Room is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in Pepperell history and local family genealogies. She is a veritable font of Pepperell information and always happy to assist patrons and staff with their questions," Themelis read.

The Board of Selectmen also designated June 22, 2013, Jeanne Palmer Day in Pepperell.

Richardson-Palmer said she continues to work in the History Room because of her love for the job.


"Working up in the room has just been an interest of mine for several years, and I just enjoy it so much up here. When you're doing something you really love, it's not work," Richardson-Palmer said.