SHIRLEY -- Selectmen at their meeting Monday night appointed a five-member committee to sift through applications for the Town Administrator's position and recommend top candidates.

The position has been open since the former Chief Administrative Officer resigned at the board's urging a few months ago.

The job description the board discussed at its last meeting will be submitted to the Personnel Board, members agreed. It will cancel out and replace the CAO position on the wage and salary grid.

With a list of nine committee hopefuls on the table that included two former town officials, the selectmen after some discussion selected recently-appointed Finance Committee member Steward Cady, businessmen William Badenhoff and John Gallagher; Joe Barreiro Jr., a retired school administrator, Jonathan Greeno, who works in the Groton Assessor's office and Linda Vine, who is a town manager in another community.

Chairman David Swain's first choice was Vine. He suggested she should chair the committee.

Selectman Robert Prescott acknowledged that she might indeed be the best bet to head the committee and that it's likely that's how it will go, but he said the group should elect its own chairman. Swain conceded the point and the three members agreed on it.

Selectman Kendra Dumont, who will succeed Swain as chairman at the next meeting, favored someone with municipal experience to serve on the committee, but she sided with her colleagues' choices. "I don't think we can go wrong no matter who we select," she said.


The ad they agreed to run states job requirements for the town administrator and set an application deadline on or after July 15, depending on the publication's deadline.

Basically, the ad describes the town population at 6,500, Open Town Meeting government with a three-member Board of Selectmen, 40 full-time municipal employees and an $11.8 million annual budget.

The town administrator they're seeking must have a bachelor's degree in a related field, preferably a master's, with at least three years experience. In addition, they want an "experienced, progressive, proactive" administrator, the ad states.

The line item amount included in the Fiscal town budget for the administrator's job was $95,000, but the ad does not specify a dollar amount for the job, stating that the salary offered would be "commensurate" with qualifications and experience.